Review: Broadchurch (S3 E8/8), Monday 17th April, ITV


Before you ask, yes I did watch episode seven of Broadchurch. I had a bit of a busy week and wasn’t able to watch it until Wednesday and couldn’t find any time to write it up. No matter, we headed into this finale – not just the series three finale, but the actual finale of the whole thing – still not knowing who raped Trish Winterman or who had carried out the historical sexual assaults in the town. Jim Atwood was still in custody, but episode seven ended in high jeopardy for Lindsay Lucas (the excellent Becky Brunning, a revelation in this series) when she found a stash of what looked like trophies in a drawer in her husband’s garage. He was just pulling into the driveway as she stood agape at her findings. Pray for Lindsay.

NB: Spoilers all over the shop Continue reading


Broadchurch finale: who is the town’s serial rapist?


It’s that time again: we all go on the Broadchurch bus tonight to find out who raped not only Trish Winterman, but also others before her. It has been a good, intense series with some outstanding performances, so I hope that the ending stacks up and is satisfying. A show like Broadchurch deserves to end well. But we’re faced with the question: whodunit? Chris Chibnall has presented a quintet of main suspects that he has kept in the spotlight throughout. We’ve seen some subterfuge, some red herrings and some genuine reasons for suspicion. But now? Let’s review the suspects and then you can have your say… Continue reading

Review: Broadchurch (S2 E8/8), Monday 23rd February, ITV



I’ve had a bit of a break from things during the past few weeks, and I’ve picked a fine time to rejoin the fray – it’s Broadchurch finale time. If this second series has polarised people, we also all know that final episodes are subjective affairs where writers are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. It’s very difficult to please all of the people all of the time, and I wasn’t expecting Broadchurch – which I’ve had my problems with throughout this second series – to hit everything out of the park. That would be an unfair expectation. All I wanted was a rollercoaster ride that finally tied up the fate of Joe Miller and resolved the Sandbrook murders. It’s too not much to ask, it? Continue reading