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Interview: Becky Brunning, Broadchurch

One of the most intriguing new characters in the ongoing third series of Broadchurch is Lindsay Lucas; that seemingly timid, downtrodden wife of major-league arsehole Clive, who has been dishing out mental abuse for years. Lindsay’s character just rings true and many women, I suspect, will be able to empathise with her – being in a loveless marriage, a survivor of abuse but still hanging in there because of the love she receives from her son. She’s played superbly by newcomer Becky Brunning, a stand-up comic, no less, who gives Lindsay a sadness, but also real depth and nuance. We last saw Lindsay at the end of episode seven finally standing up to her brutish, horror of a husband, which caused my heart to swell a bit – gwaaan Lindsay! I managed to grab a few words with Becky ahead of Monday’s finale, which you can read after the jump… Continue reading Interview: Becky Brunning, Broadchurch