BBC confirms transmission date for last series of New Tricks


Programme Name: New Tricks - TX: n/a - Episode: New Tricks Series 12 - generics (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Early release image Ted Case (LARRY LAMB), Steve McAndrew (DENIS LAWSON), DCI Sasha Miller (TAMZIN OUTHWAITE), Danny Griffin (NICHOLAS LYNDHURST) - (C) Headstrong Pictures - Photographer: Amanda SearleSay what you like about New Tricks (and plenty of people have), but you can’t deny that it’s an absolute ratings juggernaut, consistently pulling in over eight million UK viewers per episode. Like the lamentable Death In Paradise (sorry, not a fan), there’s something formulaic and comforting about the series, which in this age of complex, twisty-turny, dark dramas is no bad thing. It’s coming to the end of its run and now the BBC has announced the transmission date for its 12th and final series, and there seems to be plenty going on. Continue reading


Review: New Tricks (S11 E3/10), Monday 1st September


Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 09.38.43Ironically, although the trendy BBC overlords would dearly love to drive a stake though the heart of this hoary old ratings titan, New Tricks sometimes trumps their contention that it is deeply unsexy TV by ingratiating itself with a plotline that’s bang up to date. And this week’s episode of the warhorse of police procedurals also snaffled what will be the best line uttered in any TV show this week, nay, the whole month. Continue reading