Michael C Hall for Harlan Coben Netflix crime drama


Acclaimed screenwriter Danny Brocklehurst’s work is currently on our screens, having adapted two Mark Billingham novels for the BBC’s In The Dark series (see a review of episode one, here), and now he’s announced that he’s involved in a new project for Netflix, teaming up with another best-selling crime novelist, Harlan Coben, for a new crime drama series starring Dexter’s brilliant Michael C Hall. Continue reading


Dexter 10th anniversary special: The 10 Best Dexter Moments


giphy-3It’s the 10th anniversary of Dexter today, so I thought it’d be fun to pay tribute to a show that lasted eight series, and introduced us to one of modern television’s greatest, most morally ambiguous characters – Dexter Morgan (supremely played by Michael C Hall). Over the course of this long story, the vigilante serial killers battled monster-sized demons thanks to a seriously messed-up childhood, killed people in line with his father’s ‘code’ and enjoyed relationships with some memorable characters. I’ve put together a list (who doesn’t love a list, right?) of some of my favourite moments, which you can read after the jump. Continue reading

Dexter 10th annivesary special: Jennifer Carpenter interview


American actress Jennifer Carpenter poses for a portrait on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 in New York. Carpenter stars as Miami Police Lt. Debra Morgan on the Showtime series, "Dexter." (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Invision/AP)

In the second interview for our Dexter 10th anniversary special, which was lifted from the site I used to edit (TV Scoop, now defunct), here’s Jennifer Carpenter, who played Dexter’s long-suffering sister, Debs. She was excellent in the role, a perfect fit, and to sit down with her back in 2009 was a real treat – I remember her being warm and huge amounts of fun, often erupting into fits of laughter. Her interview is after the jump. Continue reading

Dexter 10th anniversary special: Michael C Hall interview


michael-c-hall-dexter-showtimeBack in 2009 I was editor of a website called TV Scoop. One of my favourite moments was when I was invited to interview Dexter’s Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. Dexter was one of my favourite shows at the time, and I was beyond excited to actually meet and spend some time with the two stars. I just had to make sure I didn’t mangle my words through all the excitement. It was an interesting experience: Hall was friendly and accommodating but slightly guarded and super-professional, while Carpenter was a riot someone who you just couldn’t help but loving immediately. Interestingly, they ended up marrying a year later (and subsequently divorcing). Anyway, to kick things off, here’s the interview with Hall… Continue reading

Dexter 10th anniversary special: Why it was one of the Noughties’ best crime dramas


dexter-season-611Ten years ago to the day, US cable network Showtime launched a new show called Dexter. It was based on the books by Jeff Lindsay and starred Michael C Hall as the titular character. It went on to become one of the biggest cult hits on television, thanks its intriguing and morally ambiguous premise – Dexter Morgan, a shy and eccentric blood spatter expert for the Miami PD, was, on the side, a vigilante serial killer, taking out those who had escaped justice in methodical, predatory and ritualistic fashion. It ran for eight series, so we wanted to mark its anniversary with some special posts. I’m going to kick things off with a bit of a look back, and peer into the life of Dexter Morgan – TV’s ultimate anti-hero. Continue reading

Showtime drops new Dexter trailer to mark show’s 10th anniversary


Dexter-Pool-of-Blood-HD-WallpaperEven with all this amazing crime drama about, I still miss Dexter. Dexter Morgan, that shy, awkward and talented blood splatter expert for the Miami police by day, vigilante serial killer taking out other serial killers by night. As a premise it was deliciously macabre and morally ambiguous (well, up to a point), and over eight series and 96 episodes the show became many people’s favourite US crime series of all time. Now, to celebrate its 10th birthday, the show’s home US network, Showtime, has produced a new trailer… Continue reading