Louise Doughty: I’m working on Apple Tree Yard 2


P(C) Kudos – Photographer: Nick Briggs

Twenty-seventeen kicked off with a tense four-part thriller on BBC1 in the UK, based on Louise Doughty’s best-selling psychological thriller, Apple Tree Yard. The BBC’s adaptation – co-written by Doughty and Amanda Coe – told the story of a scientist, Dr Yvonne Carmichael (Emily Watson), who seemed to have it all. When she started a torrid, illicit affair with the mysterious Mark Costley (Ben Chaplin), things went pear-shaped very quickly. The ambiguous ending seemed to be the end of the tale, but Doughty has now said that she’s working on a sequel. Continue reading


Review: Apple Tree Yard (S1 E2/4), Sunday 29th January, BBC1


apple_tree_yard_2Apologies for the lateness of this review, but, you know, real life. So Apple Tree Yard, then, so named after the little alleyway Dr Yvonne Carmichael (Emily Watson) and the mysterious Mark Costley (Ben Chaplin) engaged illicit hully gully in. Episode one followed the couple’s journey into dangerous, clandestine lust and sex, but then turned on its head in the traumatic final scene, when Yvonne was brutally raped by a work colleague.

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Review: Apple Tree Yard (S1 E1/4), Sunday 22nd January, BBC1

Programme Name: Apple Tree Yard - TX: n/a - Episode: Apple Tree Yard - Ep1 (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Costley (BEN CHAPLIN), Yvonne Carmichael (EMILY WATSON) - (C) Kudos - Photographer: Nick Briggs

(C) Kudos – Photographer: Nick Briggs

Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard won great acclaim and sold in huge numbers when it was released as a novel in 2013. Now, thanks to Amanda Coe and Doughty herself, it has been adapted for television as a four-part series. The story belongs in the rebranded and recently ascendant ‘domestic noir’ genre – stories that tell of seemingly perfect, middle-class lives that are turned on their heads and go down a noirish rabbit hole, its protagonists suddenly plunged into situations and scenarios that they had no control over.

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Interview: Emily Watson, Apple Tree Yard



This weekend sees the start of a new, four-part psycho-sexual drama adapted from the best-selling Louise Doughty novel. Apple Tree Yard tells the story of Dr Yvonne Carmichael (Emily Watson), who has a high-flying career, a beautiful home, and a loving family. But appearances can be deceptive, and when she’s approached by a charismatic stranger (Ben Chaplin), she soon finds herself taking risks that she had never dreamt of before and embarks on a passionate affair. Watson is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most consistent and underrated actresses, and we managed to get hold of an interview with her, which you can read after the jump. Continue reading

BBC releases first-look image from Apple Tree Yard


41ci91hve2lComing soon to BBC One is Amanda Coe’s adaptation of Louise Doughty’s best-selling Apple Tree Yard. The Beeb announced a strong cast – Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin, Mark Bonnar, Adeel Akhtar, Lydia Leonard, Frances Tomelty and Rhashan Stone – and now it has revealed the first image from the four-part series, which looks set to go later this autumn.  Continue reading

Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin for BBC1 adaptation of Apple Tree Yard


appletree30.12.13Released in 2013, Louise Doughty’s seventh novel, Apple Tree Yard, became one of the biggest selling of the year. It told the story of a middle-aged woman in the dock, accused of murder. Why was this respectable, married mother there? Did she really do what she was accused of? All meaty things explored in the book. Now it’s being adapted for the BBC by Amanda Coe. Continue reading