Review: Fargo (S3 E5/10), Wednesday 28th June, Channel 4


After the brilliance of episodes three and four, we were back to relative normality in episode five of Fargo. And I say that with some regret because the weakest part of this story – in my opinion – just happens to be the main part of the story. Yes, we were back to witnessing the ever-disintegrating relationship between Ray and Emmit Stussy, and in this episode, they really did get to the point of no return. Continue reading


Channel 4 confirms transmission date for series three of Fargo


About bloody time, many of you will be saying. The third series of Fargo – one of my favourite crime dramas – is already half-way through its run in the US, but we have been starved of it here in the UK. Yes, it’s great news that Channel 4 will once again be broadcasting it on these shores but we’ve had a bit of a wait for it to be announced. Now the waiting is over… Continue reading

Channel 4 acquires season three of Fargo for UK transmission


fargo-fargo-easter-egg-guide-for-one-of-the-best-tv-shows-out-thereAh, Fargo. Noah Hawley’s masterful small-screen continuation of the Coen brothers’ equally masterful, Oscar-winning movie of the same name. It’s certainly one of my favourite crime dramas, and over two series it has maintained an extremely high standard. The good news is that series three, which will go into production later this year, will be back on UK, free-to-air televisions, thanks to Channel 4. Continue reading

Review: Fargo (S2 E4/10), Monday 9th November, Channel 4



As Fargo settles into its stride there’s a sense that nothing is real. Or at least some things are. We just don’t know. That’s the beauty of Fargo, this snow-bound wasteland where strange things happen. Where bad things happen. War was one of the unifying themes in this fourth episode – Korea was mentioned, Vietnam was referenced a lot, and the Gerhardts had to decide whether to go to war with Kansas City. Continue reading

Review: Fargo (S2 E3/10), Monday 2nd November, Channel 4



The second episode of Fargo settled down considerably last week and I felt we really got a handle on the new characters as well as being thrust back into Fargo’s finely balanced milieu with some delicious, trademark moments – farce, the macabre… it was all there. Let’s see how episode three panned out. Continue reading

Review: Fargo (S2 E2/10), Monday 26th October, Channel 4



The first episode of this second series of the excellent Fargo left me a little bit perplexed – I felt it was a bit too eager to introduce a new, larger cast of characters and also a new, very explicitly 1970s tone. If that first episode was a bit all-but-the-kitchen-sink, things settled down considerably in this second instalment, revealing why Fargo is often, ahem, a cut above the rest. Continue reading

Five things we’re looking out for in season two of Fargo


Ted Danson as Hank Larsson

Tonight (Monday 19th October) sees the return of Fargo, that excellent series based loosely on the Coen brothers’ movie. The first series was just brilliant – a  morality tale set in the frozen wastelands of Minnesota – and now it’s back for a second run with an all-new cast of characters. Well, sort of. We’ll meet some of the same Solversen family we saw in series one but younger versions, and a whole host of brand new characters that bear no relation to those in the first story. But what can we expect? And what should we be looking out for? Continue reading