Review: Fargo (S3 E10/10), Wednesday 2nd August, Channel 4


And so it came to this. The end. Or was it? That’s the question many fans of this often magnificent, often quixotic series will have asked at the end of this finale. It was a brilliant episode, a stunning finale, but that end – the very end – will have left some fans reeling. Perhaps even infuriated. But before then, a whole heap of stuff happened. Continue reading


Review: Fargo (S2 E10/10), Monday 21st December, Channel 4


fargo_210_0024_cl_d_hires2It didn’t take very long for this second series of Fargo to settle down. When it did, it was evident that this was going to be something special. We’ve had it all – humour, tension, farce, suspense, extreme violence and a cast of characters that you felt truly emotionally connected to. Episode eight might have been the best hour of television this year. That’s not to say there haven’t been times along the road where you were shouting at your TV screen (PEGGY WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST CALL THE COPS WHEN YOU RAN RYE GERHARDT DOWN? WE COULD HAVE AVOIDED ALL THIS BLOODSHED), but I like dramas like that because I trust someone like Noah Hawley to deliver the answers in time. And those answers were delivered in this finale. Continue reading

Review: Fargo (S1 E10/10), Sunday 22nd June



(Heck, there are spoilers here. Ya know?)

Let’s face it, series finalés are judged almost solely on how satisfyingly they tie up a story. Just look at the reactions to series like True Detective, The Fall and  Happy Valley in recent months – if a writer doesn’t get it right there’s hell to pay. (Indeed I wrote a thing about endings right here.) So what did I make of the ending to Fargo, a series that I’ve enjoyed hugely? On the one hand it was very satisfying. If series like The Fall and The Killing have taught us anything it’s do not, under any circumstances, leave any loose ends. (Be prepared to brave a tsunami of angry, shortchanged fans if you do.) Fargo ticked pretty much all the important boxes with almost breathtaking efficiency. We got our much-anticipated showdown between Lester and Malvo, and after that both of them met their fate in contrasting but decisive ways. Continue reading