Fargo releases new series three trailer; Ewan McGregor talks playing dual roles


What a treat for a grey, drizzly Monday morning (spring my arse) – Fargo has released a batch of new little teasers that warm the heart, raise a chuckle and whet the appetiteĀ for the imminent series three. And what deliciousĀ little treats they are. Fargo and its home network in the US – FX – do such a fantastic job of producing these little teasers, which are almost like little Fargo episodes in themselves. They show the Fargo world and give us what the show does best by mixing the macabre with the farcical. They’re brilliant, and they’re after the jump. Continue reading


Fargo releases first trailers for series three


Not only is it a brilliant series, I just love the way US network FX stokes up publicity for its Coen brothers-influenced series, Fargo. More often than not, it releases the most intriguing and delicious little nugget-trailers. They don’t reveal much, but they’re so exquisitely made they set the mood perfectly. And, in fine Fargo style, FX has released a new teaser – no longer than 30 seconds, it still whets the appetite.

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FX Releases New Teaser Trailer For Fargo


af473a33-ed87-4515-a622-8fbe3135e5fb_Fargo_CL_0872_firstlook1Last week we were excited to see our first glimpse of Fargo, the TV series version. Starting next month on US network FX, it stars Billy Bob Thornton and Sherlock’s Martin Freeman as characters making their way in the bleak, snow-bound environs of Minnesota. And now we have a new teaser, and we have to say we’re loving them. They don’t give away an awful lot, but this one, in particular, suggests the kind of dark humour that was there in the movie version will be there in this TV version. Have a look after the jump… Continue reading

First Trailer For Fargo With Billy Bob Thornton And Martin Freeman


af473a33-ed87-4515-a622-8fbe3135e5fb_Fargo_CL_0872_firstlook1When it was announced that US cable network FX would be making a TV version of the Coen brothers’ superb Oscar-winning 1996 film there was cautious optimism. Cautious because any sort of remake or refreshes or whatever you want to call them often fall flat, and optimism because Fargo was just so good and set in such a bleak, snow-bound setting as unsettling as any Denmark or any Louisiana. Now things are starting to quicken, because its US premiere is in just over a month, and today we get our first look. Continue reading