Heida Reed takes lead in Icelandic crime drama Stella Blomvist


Last year we brought you news of an Icelandic series – Stella Blomvist – and the fact that one of the writers on Trapped, Óskar Thór Axelsson, had been drafted in to work on the project. It was an interesting premise: Based on a series of first-person novels penned by the pseudonymous Stella Blomkvist, a hard-nosed lawyer who takes on mysterious murder cases, the series delves into the murky waters of Icelandic politics, recently in the news in the aftermath of the “Panama Papers” scandal. No English-language translation exists, but the makers – who have been touting the series at the French Series Mania TV festival – have announced that there is now a lead. Continue reading


Review: Case (S1 E2-5), Walter Presents



With so much on at the moment it’s difficult to keep up with everything, but after watching the first episode of 10-part Icelandic crime drama, Case, on Channel 4 last week, I wanted to make time for the nine remaining episodes, now being shown in their entirety on Walter Presents. Why? It had something about it – the characters were intriguing, the crime (a young teenage girl was found hanged at the theatre she practised ballet at) had tragic and desperate overtones and the suspects were already being lined up. So this weekend – a wet, miserable weekend, no less – I snuggled up with four more episodes of Case. I soon found that it was hardly snuggling-up material. Continue reading

Iceland Noir Dispatches #4: Queer crime with Val McDermid, Mari Hannah and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir; The Swearing Panel


iceland_noirApologies for posting this last dispatch from Iceland Noir so late. Pretty much as soon as the festival had finished I found myself with zero time to write it up because I got out of Reykjavik and explored some of the incredible countryside and wilderness the island provides. But these two (final) panels of the festival are worth writing up because a) they covered important subjects and, b) they were hugely entertaining. Continue reading