Line Of Duty: No return until 2019? US remake on the cards?


There’s a lot of detritus on the ground after the excellent series four finale of Line Of Duty. It’s like going to a music festival and waking up on the Monday morning after a heavy weekend where not everything made sense, but was brilliant all the same; wading through acres of rubbish and seeing fellow festival-goes stagger around bleary-eyed and in a bit of a daze. Line Of Duty is that kind of series: intense, brilliant in places and utterly addictive. So, now series four is done and dusted, here’s a round-up of Line Of Duty news. Continue reading


Review: Line Of Duty (S4 E5/6), Sunday 24th April, BBC1


After last week’s shocking cliffhanger (when isn’t there a shocking cliffhanger in Line Of Duty?) we couldn’t wait to see whether our chippy wee fella Steve Arnott continued his recovery, and whether Roz Huntley and her husband Nick’s relationship – Jeremy Kyle will surely come calling after this series – further dissipated. All bubbling up nicely…

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Review: Line Of Duty (S4 E4/6), Sunday 16th April, BBC1


Talk about a cliffhanger – Steve’s attack by Balaclava Man and subsequent plunge down a stairwell must count as one of the most shocking moments in modern drama. What’s the betting we’re kept hanging for ages before we discover whether he lives, or dies?

NB: Spoilers ahoy!

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Review: Line Of Duty (S4 E3/6), Sunday 9th April, BBC1


Huntley’s digging herself deeper and deeper into dishonesty, with the murder of Tim Ifield layered on her presumed framing of Farmer – but at the moment she’s in complete control of the situation, able to manipulate the evidence and investigations as she pleases. But we reckon that Kate, done down from every side by her own colleagues as well as by Huntley’s, will be the one to crack the case – possibly over a cosy coffee with Huntley’s increasingly dodgy-looking husband Nick.

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