Elementary renewed for sixth series


Half a decade ago, there was much hullaballoo when US network CBS announced that it was going to broadcast its own version of Sherlock Holmes, starring British actor Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. How dare they? screamed many Holmes die-hards, especially as the announcement was coming (very) soon after the successful Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss reboot for the BBC. While the BBC version became a global success and a bit of an enigma, catapulting Benedict Cumberbatch to superstardom, the US version also proved its worth. If the BBC’s Sherlock is all bangs and whistles and narrative pyrotechnics, the US version – Elementary – resembles a long-running and often deeply satisfying police procedural. And now it has been renewed for a sixth series. Continue reading


Review: Elementary (S3 E24/24), Tuesday 2nd June, Sky Living



So, we come to the end of a season in which the most dramatic plot-lines have been devoted not to Holmes, but to his detective protégés Joan Watson and Kitty Winter. In Controlled Descent, the spotlight is back on Sherlock; but will this mark his Reichenbach Falls moment, or some more metaphorical fall?    Continue reading

Review: Elementary (S3 E23/24), Tuesday 26th May, Sky Living



Someone on the Elementary writing team sure likes bees. From a single mention in the Conan Doyle canon of the retired Holmes taking up bee-keeping, Elementary’s Sherlock has developed an obsession with the pollinating pests that borders on the obsessive. So, we’re long overdue for this apicultural episode, in which colony collapse turns to murder.    Continue reading

Review: Elementary (S3 E22/24), Tuesday 19th May, Sky Living



If there’s one thing Sherlock hates, it’s corporations. We don’t quite know why – maybe it’s just because Daddy owns one. But, in any case where a megacorp is involved, you can bet top execs twisted by greed will turn out to be the villains. No exception this week. Continue reading

Review: Elementary (S3 E20), Tuesday 5th May, Sky Living



Last week the plot centred on Captain Gregson’s daughter Hannah, and showed that promising individuals don’t always perform as expected. This week seems set on proving that the opposite can also be true. It’s also quite the most brutal episode of Elementary yet, so hang on to your lunch.  Continue reading

Review: Elementary (S3 E20/24), Tuesday 5th May, Sky Living


Elementary-A-Stitch-In-Time-Season-3-Episode-20-02The circle of people Sherlock Holmes might call friends is a small one, but he does seem willing to extend it to family members. In some cases, such as Joan Watson’s mother, it works out well; in others – well, let’s just say that the example of Sherlock’s own family ought to have taught him that you can’t always rely on a familial connection. Continue reading

Review: Elementary (S3 E18/24), Tuesday 21st April, Sky Living


the-ride-share-murder-elementaryWhile Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes had sworn off the fairer sex – leading to all sorts of literary speculation about his proclivities – Elementary’s Sherlock has a rather too-much-information tendency to trumpet his bedroom athletics. So when he gets out the ‘sex blanket’ – yewww! – and books Watson three days in a luxury hotel, she’s probably well advised to make herself scarce.  Continue reading