Review: Marcella (S2 E1/8), Monday 20th February, ITV

NB: SPOILERS INSIDE Hans Rosenfeldt’s Marcella divided plenty of people during its first run in 2016. Some people I know really enjoyed it, but the majority I spoke to about it thought it was a mess. And, I have to say, that’s where my opinion lies – the cast of characters were just so unlikable (which hasn’t…

ITV confirms Marcella series two transmission date

Hans Rosenfeldt’s Marcella divided critics and viewers during its first series. The show, which featured the mentally ill, titular detective (Anna Friel) did well enough for The Bridge creator to get the go-ahead for a second series on ITV. Now we know when it’s on.

ITV reveals Marcella trailer for series two

One of the big new shows in line to come to us in February is series two of Marcella, Hans Rosenfeldt’s London-based crime series starring Anna Friel. (And, before you ask, no, we don’t know exactly when The Bridge is coming back to British TV screens.) The tale of a mentally fragile London detective, it…

Series two of Marcella begins filming

Series two of Hans ‘The Bridge’ Rosenfeldt’s ITV crime drama series Marcella returns to production this month. Returning alongside Anna Friel as the lead Marcella, are Ray Panthaki, Nicholas Pinnock, Jamie Bamber and Jack Doolan. There’s an all-new story all intertwining in typical Rosenfeldt, and there’s the lowdown after the jump.