Review: Fargo (S3 E2/10), Wednesday 7th June, Channel 4


Last week’s opening episode of the third series of Fargo was another fine piece of storytelling, but, for me, it didn’t quite have the same impact as the openers of series one and two had. Why? It looked great and all those Fargo themes and tropes were present and correct and thrown into the mix straight away – coincidence, chance, action and consequence – but there was a sense of repeating itself. There was also the Ewan McGregor factor, too: I was watching McGregor more than I was watching Emmit and Ray Stussy simply as characters. Thankfully, things settled down a bit in episode two. Continue reading


Channel 4 confirms transmission date for series three of Fargo


About bloody time, many of you will be saying. The third series of Fargo – one of my favourite crime dramas – is already half-way through its run in the US, but we have been starved of it here in the UK. Yes, it’s great news that Channel 4 will once again be broadcasting it on these shores but we’ve had a bit of a wait for it to be announced. Now the waiting is over… Continue reading

Fargo releases first trailers for series three


Not only is it a brilliant series, I just love the way US network FX stokes up publicity for its Coen brothers-influenced series, Fargo. More often than not, it releases the most intriguing and delicious little nugget-trailers. They don’t reveal much, but they’re so exquisitely made they set the mood perfectly. And, in fine Fargo style, FX has released a new teaser – no longer than 30 seconds, it still whets the appetite.

Continue reading

Fargo announces April transmission date; Channel 4 onboard for UK



c5s42kzxaaqjzvbAs long-time readers of the site will know, Fargo is one of my favourite series. With Noah Hawley and a cast that includes Ewan McGregor (in two roles), David Thewlis, Carrie Coon and Mary Elizabeth Wanstead series three is really starting to gear up. It usually¬†transmits around the end of the year, but this time around FX (the show’s US network) sprung a surprise yesterday – series three will air in the spring. This spring. Continue reading