Michael C Hall for Harlan Coben Netflix crime drama


Acclaimed screenwriter Danny Brocklehurst’s work is currently on our screens, having adapted two Mark Billingham novels for the BBC’s In The Dark series (see a review of episode one, here), and now he’s announced that he’s involved in a new project for Netflix, teaming up with another best-selling crime novelist, Harlan Coben, for a new crime drama series starring Dexter’s brilliant Michael C Hall. Continue reading


Is German series Dark the new Stranger Things?


netflix-dark-trailer-00We’re preparing ourselves for series two of Stranger Things later in the year, but Netflix has announced that it has picked up a series from Germany that’s already being dubbed as a ‘scarier, German version of Stranger Things’. Which basically means that it’s another heady mix of crime story and supernatural goings on. There’s a trailer after the jump. Continue reading

Netflix acquires Finnish series Bordertown for global broadcast; names transmission date

Bordertown (Sorjonen): Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen) ©Fisher King Production 2016

© Fisher King Production 2016

Thanks to our lovely Finnish reader Seija, I now know when and where I’ll be able to watch Finnish series Bordertown. I’ve been keeping my eye on the series ever since it was announced – despite the boom in Scandinavian and Nordic crime drama, Finnish output has been scarce. I have a soft spot for the country and want it to join the crime drama party, so when Bordertown was announced I was eager to see it. Thankfully we’ll all now get the chance. Continue reading

Netflix news: Stranger Things 2 and Riverdale


stranger-things-season-2-episode-titlesThe last post I, um, posted was singing the praises of linear TV and the pleasure that can be taken in large groups of people tuning in once a week to watch something that has them hooked. On the flipside is the streaming revolution, where portals like Netflix provide whole series to be consumed greedily in one or two sittings. It’s a new way of watching and a model that has become increasingly popular. But any which way you watch depends entirely on the content – only if the content’s good will you watch, whatever way the channel/service is allowing you to watch it. So Netflix is onto a winner because its content is so good. So we have some Stranger Things – that word-of-mouth hit from last year and new of something that’s starting TOMORROW. Continue reading

Netflix confirms season two of Stranger Things for 2017


stranger-thingsEven though Netflix do not release viewing figures, the streaming site does boast a global subscriber base of over 40million people. Which is quite a lot. I’ll be willing to bet good money that at least three-quarters of that subscriber base has seen Stranger Things, and, if they haven’t, have at least heard about it – it became a huge word-of-mouth hit when it released back in July. Even though we’ve heard various snippets about a second series, Netflix has remained quiet on an official announcement. Now, in the least surprising piece of news the television world has ever seen, the service has finally spoken. Continue reading

Netflix becomes co-producer on ITV’s Paranoid


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.00.55One of the potential highlights of the autumn is ITV’s Paranoid, which is being set up to be a kind of Broadchurch-style event series. It’s due to drop in the autumn and has a good cast and a great, crime novel-like hook, and now the show has also gained an impressive co-producer, which is going to have a positive outcome when it comes to distribution in other, non-UK territories. Continue reading