Review: Ripper Street (S5 E6/6), Monday 24th July, BBC2

So Ripper Street comes to a final conclusion, after five series of mystery, suspense, gore, thrills, brilliant performances, sparkling dialogue and riveting detail. Can all the loose ends be tied up, accounts settled and character arcs be resolved?  

Review: Ripper Street (S5 E5/6), Monday 17th July, BBC2

At last, the pace picks up this week, as Dove’s empire begins to crumble around him, and a turn of fortune brings a glimmer of hope to the beleaguered Reid. After what frankly have been four lethargic episodes, with no real plot development beyond what was strictly inevitable, the action takes off this week, as…

Review: Ripper Street (S5 E4/6), Monday 10th July, BBC2

After last week’s bucolic interlude in the rural idyl of Hackney Marshes, surely this week’s episode must get back into the cut-and-thrust of life and death in Whitechapel? Wasting the potential of an escape to a normal life with fishmonger’s daughter Prudence, and reverting to his savage nature, the Whitechapel Golem, Nathaniel, has killed again….

Review: Ripper Street (S5 E3/6), Monday 3rd July, BBC2

Exiled to Hackney Marshes with nothing but eels and solitaire for company, the Whitechapel Golem, Nathaniel Dove, is slowly going stir-crazy – and his brother Augustus seems unable to pin down their nemesis Edmund Reid, which would allow him to end the isolation.

Review: Ripper Street (S5 E1/6), Monday 19th June, BBC2

It’s been far too long (for BBC viewers anyway) since Ripper Street was last on air, but some of us are still quivering with anticipation of this final season. With Drake (Jerome Flynn) apparently dead, and Reid, (Matthew Macfadyen), Jackson, (Adam Rothenberg) and Susan (MyAnna Buring) on the run from the corrupt Dove (Killian Scott),…

BBC confirms transmission date for series five of Ripper Street

I do enjoy Ripper Street. Yes, it’s a bit stodgy and po-faced at times, but those clothes… that setting! We’ve known for a while that the move to Amazon from a BBC-exclusive show meant that creator Richard Warlow could finish his intended five-series story arc. Even though the fifth and last series has come and…

Review: Ripper Street (S4 E7/7), Monday 3rd October, BBC2

So what is the secret of the Whitechapel Golem? If this was EA Poe, it could be a gorilla with a straight razor; if it were Dr Who, it could be a giant rat from the sewers; but this is Ripper Street, so it’s likely to be something at once more monstrous and more human. We…