New ‘Nordic Noirs’ to be shown at French TV festival


Last year’s Series Mania TV festival in Fontainebleau, France looked like an intriguing weekend, full of screenings and industry-style talks and panel sessions. This year it’s back and it’s always worth looking at the program because plenty of new stuff is unveiled. It’s no difference this year, and there’s plenty of new series from the Nordic regions being debuted. Let’s take a look at what’s coming up…

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SVT names New Year’s Day transmission date for The Bridge IV; no word from UK yet; first photograph revealed



Wouldn’t you just bloody know it? It was my birthday when this news broke and I was out and about doing birthday-like things, so I was away from the computer and missed the news that the much-anticipated fourth – and last – series of The Bridge will indeed transmit in 2018 (my prediction that we’d see it in 2017 was off, but just by one day!) in an event-like slot on an event-like day in its native Sweden. Continue reading

Finnish drama Bordertown starts on Netflix: will you be watching?


The proliferation of foreign-language crime drama is widespread these days – it seems not a day goes by without a new series starting on either Walter Presents, Channel 4 or the BBC. And, in this case, Netflix. The global, streaming behemoth springs these little surprises on us from time to time, and Bordertown is one such surprise. A Finnish drama, I wondered when it would make its way to these shores. Finally, the day is here. Continue reading

Midnight Sun: The history behind the conflict with the Sami


One of the more eagerly awaited crime dramas of the year starts up on Sky Atlantic tonight. Midnight Sun is a French/Swedish effort, written and created by Måns Mårlind and Bjorn Stein (who have previous on The Bridge) and made by French powerhouse Canal+. It stars Leïla Bekhti as Kahina Zadi, a French police officer, who travels to Kiruna, a small mining community in the remote far north of Sweden to investigate a brutal murder of a French citizen. With the help of Anders Harnesk (Gustaf Hammarsten), a Swedish DA and a member of the Sami, an ancient, indigenous tribe of Scandinavia, they are faced with new killings. The initial murder turns out to be the tip of the iceberg. So far, so intriguing. But what makes this extremely interesting is the inclusion of the Sami in the series – that Scandinavian tribe of people who live in the far, far north and little is known about, certainly in the UK. So who are they? And what relationship do they have with the rest of the Nordic people? We asked our Swedish correspondant, Charlotte, to give us the lowdown. Continue reading

Netflix acquires Finnish series Bordertown for global broadcast; names transmission date

Bordertown (Sorjonen): Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen) ©Fisher King Production 2016

© Fisher King Production 2016

Thanks to our lovely Finnish reader Seija, I now know when and where I’ll be able to watch Finnish series Bordertown. I’ve been keeping my eye on the series ever since it was announced – despite the boom in Scandinavian and Nordic crime drama, Finnish output has been scarce. I have a soft spot for the country and want it to join the crime drama party, so when Bordertown was announced I was eager to see it. Thankfully we’ll all now get the chance. Continue reading

Walter Presents announces transmission date for Lars Mikkelsen crime drama, The Team; acquires more shows


16472895_1038644226241980_1722362860239356899_nEver since he appeared as Troels Hartmann in the first, groundbreaking series of The Killing, Lars Mikkelsen has claimed a special place in the heart of crime drama fans. Now he’s popping up in The Team, a six-part, multilingual (English, French, Flemish, German, Danish, Swedish), pan-European crime drama featuring a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) of cross-border European police officers – all experts in forensics, legal, and IT, plus profilers and psychologists. Blimey. Read on for more. Continue reading

Bridge producers announce latest project – an adaptation of Fredrik Backman’s Beartown


beartown-9781501160769_hrAs readers of this site will know, I like to keep a close eye on what’s happening in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries because they’re regularly coming up with oustanding drama, especially in the crime genre. One of the more notable production companies in Sweden, Filmlance, can number The Bridge and Beck as two of its international hits, and now news reaches us it has acquired the rights to a new novel, which sounds like it could be sure-fire hit. Fredrik Backman’s latest novel Beartown is the story in question. So what’s it all about? Continue reading