Transmission date for The Bridge IIII confirmed


It has been a long time coming – too long a time coming. But now we know and I’m not going to waffle on because everyone’s keen to get on with it, so simply go over the jump to find out when series four of The Bridge will be broadcast on BBC Two. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

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Finnish series Bullets wins Coup de Coeur award in Cannes


The sun is out here in London, which means it’s almost TV festival season in more reliably sunny places across the globe. We always have a keen eye on what’s new and what’s winning awards, because you never know: these series could one day appear here in the UK. Out in Cannes, a Finnish series has been getting some award-winning notices. Continue reading

Hans Rosenfeldt: Saga should have died in series one


You don’t have to tell us, but series four of The Bridge has been a long time coming. Far too long a time coming. In fact, a ridiculous amount of time to wait. This fourth and final series of the crime drama heavyweight has been and gone on the mainland, so we are playing catch-up. But… here we go. During a launch at London’s BFI, the cast – including Sofia Helin and Thure Lindhardt, as well as writers Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren – were in attendance for a Q&A after a screening of the first episode. And there was some really interesting nuggets from the evening. Continue reading

Review: Below The Surface (S1 E7&8/8), Saturday 7th April, BBC Four


By the end of this eight-part series, I was left thinking that this was the crime drama equivalent of a basketball game – you could’ve just tuned into the last five minutes and actually not bothered with the rest. A little harsh, I know, but it these final two episodes really didn’t move me or engage me in the ways that I really wanted it to. Which was a shame, because before then the series had been intriguing and had plenty of tense moments. Continue reading

Review: Below The Surface (S1 E5&6/8), Saturday 24th March, BBC Four


We’re back with Below The Surface – the Danish hostage drama – after last week’s enforced absence. Two weeks ago, the series established (thanks to some procedural work by police officers SP and Clausen) that there were links to the hostage takers on the outside – a garage had been found with something important in it, and broadcaster Naja Toft had been seduced by a man connected to the whole operation. The big question was: what was in the garage? Continue reading

Before We Die recommissioned for second series


Good news. Barely had the first series of Before We Die finished on Channel 4, confirmation has come from Sweden that a second series has been greenlit and work on it has begun. It has been a year since the first series ended in Sweden so there has been some anticipation for this piece of news. Continue reading