Review: The Level (S1 E6/6), Friday 4th November, ITV

Despite being introduced by the  announcer as ‘the final episode of The Fall’, we’re pretty sure that this was the series finale of The Level, the Brighton-based tale of criminal and familial deception. We’ve DS Nancy through her self-doubt, her distrust in her team and her worries about her parents – but will she find any…

Review: The Level (S1 E5/6), Friday 28th October, ITV

With ‘Undercover Barbie’  Nancy knee-deep in Elliot’s dirty business, the case of missing driver Stefan Millner and his phantom truck has rather gone on the back burner. But to complicate things further, it now appears that someone has got to Nancy’s mother, prompting her to abscond from her care home.

Review: The Level (S1 E4/6), Friday 21st October, ITV

Considering that it’s called The Level, this is a rather uneven series, and time is running out for it to regain some balance. So much happens in episode four, that you wonder why nothing much happened in the last couple of episodes.  

Review: The Level (S1 E3/6), Friday 14th October, ITV

If Nancy’s boss Newman hasn’t figured there’s something going on by now, she must be the slowest detective in town. Nancy claiming that she was out jogging when dodgy accountant Kettler got shot isn’t fooling anyone.

Review: The Level (S1 E2/6), Friday 8th October, ITV

So far The Level has been one cliché after another – Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin is a decorated police officer, but she’s also protecting her schoolfriend’s father, dodgy haulier Frank Le Saux (Philip Glenister). Now he’s apparently dead, his mistress is in a coma, and Nancy’s in the frame after taking a bullet.   

Review: The Level (S1 E1/6), Friday 30th September, ITV

Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin (Karla Crome) is a decorated police officer – well, she’s just won an ‘official police award’ – and is having an affair with colleague Kevin O’Dowd (Rob James-Collier, ex-Downton Abbey). But no-one knows she’s also protecting her schoolfriend’s father, dodgy haulier Frank Le Saux (Philip Glenister). NB: Spoilers

ITV confirms transmission date for The Level

It has been another week of transmission date confirmations – yesterday we had the BBC telling us the date of The Fall series three premiere date, and now ITV has pitched in, too, telling us when its six-part Brighton and London-based series, The Level, will grace us with its presence.

Trailer: The Level, ITV

And so they keep on coming, thick and fast. ITV will soon broadcast a new six-part series. Set in Brighton, The Level stars Karla Crome as Nancy, a model police officer with a shady double life and Laura Haddock as Hayley, her estranged best friend. The pair is forced together after a serious incident in…

ITV’s The Level announces cast details

A few weeks ago we issued a news story that announced the arrival of a new six-part crime drama from ITV (read the story here). Called The Level, it was to feature the story of Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin, who has a secret double life. Her exemplary police career masks a covert attachment to shady…

ITV commissions Brighton-based crime drama The Level

ITV specialises in those short, intense three or four-part stories seemingly off a never-ending production line. Now the network has commissioned another crime drama series, but this time six-parter. The Level is being produced by BAFTA award-winning indie Hillbilly Television (Second Coming, Random, Holy Flying Circus) and is written by Gaby Chiappe (Shetland, Vera, Lark Rise to Candleford)…