Review: Strike – The Silkworm (S2 E2/2), Sunday 17th September, BBC One



Set in the cut-throat world of publishing, one with which writer/exec producer JK Rowling must be familiar, The Silkworm is a murder mystery with a twist – all the suspects are featured in the victim’s final novel. But which character represents the killer? Continue reading


Review: Strike – The Silkworm (S2 E1/2), Sunday 10th September, BBC One


(C) Bronte Film & TV Ltd – Photographer: Steffan Hill

NB: Spoilers inside

Following the series opener The Cuckoo’s Calling, do we know all there is to know about down-at-heel detective Cormoran Strike, or his implausibly glamorous assistant Robin? Obviously not – there must be more revelations to come in this second outing for JK Rowling’s impecunious investigator. Continue reading

Review: Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling (S1 E3/3), Sunday 3rd September, BBC One


NB: Spoilers all over the shop

Crime authors talk a great deal about the way they plot their novels, and the way they deliberately sneak clues into their narrative. (And the joy at doing so.) Of course, these clues are hidden well within pages and pages of characterisation and other layers so they don’t seem obvious at the time. On telly, things are a bit different – because things generally move quicker and we, as viewers, have visual as well as aural stimulus, clues that are hidden can often, if not handled correctly, feel obvious and clunky. That’s what I felt while watching the final part of the first, three-part Strike story, The Cuckoo’s Calling. Clues weren’t so much clues but huge, whacking-great flashing red lights. Not so much subtle hints but big clobbers over the head with a clue hammer. Continue reading

BBC confirms Strike – The Silkworm transmission date


It’s a busy-old day here at The Killing Times with three new shows having their transmission dates confirmed today. We’re two episodes into the first BBC adaptation of JK Rowling’s Cormoran Strike novels, and now the BBC has announced when the next story will be. Continue reading

First Look: Strike: The Cuckoo’s Calling, BBC One


Well, I’m back from my little break and slowly but surely I’m catching up with the things that I’ve missed this week. Last night I went along to the BFI Southbank to watch the first episode of the first of the eagerly-awaited BBC adaptations of JK Rowling’s (or Robert Galbraith’s) Cormoran Strike novels. The first, three-part series is based on The Cuckoo’s Calling book, and stars Tom Burke as Strike and Holliday Grainger as Robin Ellacott. The good news is that it’s good. And the extra good news is that we now know when it’s going to appear on our screens. Continue reading

Tom Burke to play Cormoran Strike in BBC adaptation of JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith novels


624Let’s be clear about this – JK Rowling in crime drama mode prefers to be known as Robert Galbraith, so strictly speaking these BBC adaptations are of Galbraith’s work. Kind of. But still. We’ve known that the BBC had optioned the Cormoran Strike series (I still want to write Cormorant every time I see that name), and now we know the actor who will take the lead in the seven forthcoming episodes. As a fan of Galbraith’s work (wait, this is getting confusing), I can’t wait to see this character come to television. Continue reading