New Twin Peaks trailer is most revealing yet


Anyone who reads this site knows how excited I am for the return of Twin Peaks in just over a week’s time. Growing up it was one of the shows that changed my outlook on the world, and was the first TV series that I became gripped and obsessed with. Yes, my excitement is tempered by a little caution (I really hope it’s good), but the latest trailer -released yesterday – certainly stokes the fires. Have a look after the jumperoo. Continue reading


Twin Peaks cast teases new Twin Peaks series


twin-peaksOne of the big things coming next year is the new series of Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s inter-dimensional crime story with damn fine coffee and pie. We’ve charted its rocky path to production – it’s quite story in itself. Now the filming is just about wrapped up, we’re starting to get the first pieces of teaser material. Today Showtime (the show’s home US network) released a teaser film with the cast espousing how good it’s going to be and how wonderful it all is. One line hit home: be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone. Have a look at the full video after the jump… Continue reading

Twin Peaks releases first trailer


richard-beymer-twin-peaks-56-640x290We’ve documented the rocky road the new series of Twin Peaks has travelled since it was announced that David Lynch’s seminal series was coming 25 years after we saw it last. But now it seems everyone has dotted the is and crossed the ts and production has started without any more hinderance. Which is good news all-round. As if to reassure fans across the world, Showtime – the show’s new US home – has released a trailer. Continue reading