REVIEW: Vienna Blood (S1 E2/3)

After a sound but unspectacular start, Vienna Blood delves deeper into turn-of the-century madness and mayhem in The Queen of the Night – what psychological twists and turns await Oskar and Max this week? After Max’s impulsive proposal last week, events have moved quickly (it’s now 1907), and we next see him at his engagement party to Clara. Moody…

REVIEW: Vienna Blood (S1 E1/3)

If it’s turn of the century Vienna and there’s murder afoot, surely this must be the stamping ground of fictional consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and real-life headshrinker Dr Sigmund Freud? Well, partly – Vienna Blood, based on the best-selling Liebermann novels by clinical psychologist Frank Tallis, in fact, recounts the adventures of an English doctor, Max Liebermann….