Review: Endeavour (S4 E2/4), Sunday 15th January, ITV


endeavour_2017After last week’s excellent (and dark) start to the series, I had no idea where Endeavour was going to go next. And that’s one of the beauties of something like Endeavour – each story is different, and the tone can sometimes be different, too. As long as Morse and Thursday are, well, Morse and Thursday, it doesn’t really matter where it goes. And this week it really did go somewhere else. Continue reading

Review: Endeavour (S4 E1/4), Sunday 8th January, ITV


endeavour_2017Two days after the 30th anniversary of Inspector Morse’s first ever appearance on our screens, Endeavour keeps the torch burning with a fourth series. It’s been a patchy-old ride for Endeavour since its inception – yes, its air is thick with Morse lore and what people now call ‘easter eggs’, but over the course of its three previous series, we’ve had the good, the bad and the ugly. With the anniversary in mind, it’s important for fans of the titular, classics-loving detective this series got off to a good start. Thankfully, it did.

NB: Spoileration inside Continue reading

ITV recommissions Endeavour for a fourth series


endeavour_specials_07_0Successful detective drama Endeavour, the prequel to Inspector Morse, will return to ITV for a fourth series following the strong audience reaction to series three. Set in the summer of 1967, the new films begin filming on location in Oxford in the coming weeks. You can always count on Morse – espcially seeing as 2017 is a special year in the canon. Continue reading

ITV commissions fourth season of Endeavour


endeavour_specials_07_0The consensus seemed to be that the recent, third series of Endeavour wasn’t the best. But there’s something extremely comforting about the show – the Oxford surroundings, the 1960s setting, and, of course, the fact that Morse himself (albeit a younger Morse) is on our screens – so we’re delighted that ITV has commissioned the show for a fourth series.

*Whispers* there may be mild spoilers after the jump Continue reading

Review: Endeavour (S3 E3/4), Sunday 17th January, ITV


endeavour_3-3You can’t imagine the young Endeavour Morse letting his hair down in the Summer of Love – even less so, Fred Thursday – and indeed Morse is lurking in his dingy basement flat, Fred is wheezy, and Strange has been promoted to DS, taking over Jakes’ post. Not only that, this episode – Prey – has plenty more surprises. Continue reading

Review: Endeavour (S3 E2/4), Sunday 10th January, ITV


endeavour_3-2After last week’s magical mystery tour, two parts The Great Gatsby to a measure of The Prestige, let’s hope that this story of artists and models isn’t a load of old Pollocks. Back in harness after his sojourn in the nick, young Morse and old Fred Thursday find themselves in the world of action painting, hippy communes and Tony Hancock (wha…?) Continue reading