ITV recommissions Endeavour for a sixth series

There’s no doubt about it – ITV’s Endeavour, the Morse prequel, is one of the UK’s most enduring, entertaining and successful crime dramas. Yes, it has the Morse lore to back it up, but it has broken free, establishing characters of its own while still containing those Morse Easter Eggs (and, in this series, any-old…

Review: Endeavour (S4 E5/6), Sunday 4th March, ITV

It’s always claimed that Endeavour Morse is one of the great detectives – we beg to differ. He might be one of the great detective characters, but his detecting sometimes leaves a lot to be desired – usually there’s a string of corpses before he solves the case, with some blinding insight based on a…

Review: Endeavour (S5 E4/6), Sunday 25th February, ITV

NB: SPOILERS INSIDE In Colours – a title with at least two meanings – Morse has to tackle dark forces both in society and the army, with racial tensions bubbling under. But meanwhile, Fred and Win go ballroom dancing, while Morse has a spring in his step as he romances French photojournalist Claudine (Claire Ganaye). 

Review: Endeavour (S5 E3/6), Sunday 18th February, ITV

NB: SPOILERS INSIDE When a boutique assistant, Frances Porter, disappears after a night of passion, Morse is happy to let Fancy take the case – but it soon proves to be beyond him. Passenger is all about the railways (Auden’s The Night Mail gets quoted), so there’ll be plenty of opportunities for trainspotters to complain about…

Review: Endeavour (S5 E2/6), Sunday 11th February, ITV

NB: SPOILERS INSIDE In Cartouche, horror comes to Oxford when a film company shooting a creature feature in the town is beset my mysterious murders. Will Morse untangle the terror, or will he fall victim to the curse of the mummy?

Review: Endeavour (S5 E1/6), Sunday 4th February, ITV

Not only lauded but also honoured (with the George Medal) at the end of the last series, E. Morse is now a fixture in the new Thames Valley constabulary – but as we move into the late 60s, what political shenanigans and social revolutions will now complicate the detective’s cosy murder investigations?

ITV confirms Endeavour series five transmission date

Oh, we do love a bit of Endeavour here at The Killing Times. The Morse spin-off has, over series, managed to establish its own identity while still maintaining that quintessential Morseness. Shaun Evans has been great as the young Morse, while Roger Allam has been stupendous. We’ve known for a while that series five is…

Filming starts on series five of Endeavour

We’ve all seen how difficult it is to get prequels right – well hello Prime Suspect 1973 – but Endeavour, and specifically this year’s series four of Endeavour, often got things very right. It had that right mix of lore (in this case Morse lore), comfortable English bucolia and decent storylines and character progressions. So it’s good news…

Colin Dexter, 1930-2017

The sad news broke this morning that Colin Dexter, the creator of Inspector Morse and writer of 13 Morse novels, died, aged 86.

Review: Endeavour (S4 E4/4), Sunday 29th January, ITV

After having just watched the first five episodes of the thought-provoking, raw and hard-going Case, coming back to Endeavour was like settling back into a favourite armchair with a glass of red and shuffling your feet into a pair of fleece-lined slippers. That’s not to say that Endeavour is meagre or weak, but this Morse prequel…