Series eight of Spiral begins filming, adds cast member

We’re waiting in anticipation for series seven of Spiral to hit our screens in the UK, but news reaches us that series eight has already begun filming.

Star Caroline Proust told Figaro magazine recently, “I want to stop because I want to do something else. I’m tired of being a police officer because I’m confined to this role… a  good series must at a certain time stop.”

This led to speculation that the end was nigh for the popular crime series.

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But series eight has begun filming, with Proust – as well as  Audrey Fleurot and  Thierry Godard – confirmed to return for a 10-episode series. There is an official synopsis available, but we’re not going to print it here because we don’t want to give away any spoilers.

The production is to last five months and will once again use Paris as a backdrop.

It’s been confirmed that rapper Kool Shen is to appear in this eighth series.

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Giliou Putain says:

    It’s ridiculous that Spiral has disappeared from UK screens. Series 8 must be wrapped by now in France and we haven’t even had series 7 here in the UK.

    Is there a problem with rights or something? Doesn’t the BBC still part-fund the series? Hoping BBC4 will have it soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Hirons says:

      It’s coming v soon


  2. Zeke Black says:

    France had it in February!!


  3. Kameron Balaneira says:

    I have long been a huge fan of SPIRAL.Got my partner to watch it and now she see’s why am totally engross in it.Series 7 once again got me hooked.Its rare that in this day and age we get to see such GREAT Crime drama that doesnt leave you wanting …more..



  4. Kevin Mills says:

    Spiral us such a good series ,I have been hooked since series 1,
    My favourite character is Gilou plus The Gorgeous Miss Karllson devious as she maybe
    Roll on Series 8 in The New Year.


  5. Maureen Lyons says:

    I absolutely love Spiral have watched since the first series- the acting is superb cannot wait for Series 8 love love it!


  6. Ian David Dickson says:

    Great storylines, superb script, brilliantly assembled cast of authentic characters, Paris back-drop scenes excellent, some recognisable as I worked in Paris for some 2 years in Suresnes.


  7. Monica says:

    I live in the States and have been waiting years (literally) for season 7. The best tv series !!! My brother and aunt also love it! My favorite characters are Tin Tin and the magistrate


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