The Killing Times Awards 2020 – Best Supporting Actress

The nominations are in!

The second of our categories in our annual awards was perhaps the hardest to judge.

The talent in the category was simply outrageous – everything from tender to funny, to terrifying and truly soulful.

All the nominees are worthy winners, but only won can lift the (imaginary) Killing Times trophy.

Zofia Wichlacz

As young Julita, Polish actress Wichlacz was terrific. A teen who lost her partner in a car crash, and then having to endure the terrifying ordeal of illegal baby snatching and trafficking, she showed determination and real mettle as she sought the turn her situation around. For a young actress, this was some coming out party.

Weruche Opia
I May Destroy You, BBC Two

As Terry in I May Destroy You, it would have been easy to cower in the shadows as Michaela Coel ate up the screen. But it’s a testament to Weruche Opia’s performance that she gave as good as she got. And in some scenes, the electricity between the two was undeniable, with Opia often stealing scenes. Opia was just sensational – warm, laugh-out-loud funny, tender and heartbreaking. A performance of real depth and complexity.

Emily Meade
The Deuce, Sky Atlantic

Throughout three series of HBO/Sky Atlantic’s superb series from David Simon and George Pelecanos, Emily Meade’s performance as doomed sex-worker-turned-porn-star Lori Madison was simply sensational. From small-town girl looking to make a name for herself to an extreme loss of innocence, crushing ennui and shame, Lori struggled to figure out who she even was any more. In the end, Meade delivered one of the best, and heartbreaking, performances of the year.

Rhianne Barreto
Honour, ITV

Newcomer Barreto delivered a brilliant performance in ITV’s Honour, a heartbreaking tale of the murder and honour killing of 20-year-old Banaz Mahmod. Playing her sister, Bekhal, Barreto was street-smart but vulnerable as she courageously faced down the members of her own family – and her own scars from abuse – to get justice for her sister.

Fflur Medi Owen
35 Diwrnod, S4C

As Rhian in this twisty-turny Welsh whodunit, Medi Owen turned in an understated but stellar performance. Rhian was fun and charismatic, but also deeply broken – a borderline alcoholic doing her best to conceal past catastrophic trauma. The way she was portrayed, and how her layers were peeled away, was both moving and unexpected.

And the winner is…


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