NORDIC NOIR Viaplay announces psychological thriller Veronika

Alexandra Rapaport and Tobias Santelmann (who we remember from Those Who Kill) will headline the Viaplay Original Veronika, an innovative psychological thriller with supernatural elements.

Set to premiere on Viaplay in late 2023, the eight-part series is created and scripted by Gåsmamman’s Katja Juras and Anna Lindblom.

Veronika Gren (Rapaport) is an introverted police officer and mother of two with a complex past and a tablet addiction. When she sees a dead boy standing in a hospital parking lot, Veronika initially questions her own sanity. But further visions make her realise that she is face to face with victims of unsolved crimes – and that her past holds the key to bringing them justice and catching a killer still on the loose.

More news as we get it.


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  1. celery says:

    Love this, but another friggin yr, ugh!


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