REVIEW Y Golau (S1 E5/6)

After episode four’s escalation in drama – specifically, some key reveals right at the end of the instalment – I couldn’t wait to tuck into the penultimate episode to see where this story went next.

And yes, there was plenty of fall-out and a continuation of the story. But it went about it all in a very Y Golau sort of way – sensitively, non-sensationally and at its own pace.

And that is to be applauded. This series is staying true to itself not getting away from what it’s really about – grief, redemption and how people move on from trauma.

Both Sharon and Joe Pritchard are in the hospital after the latter saved the former from the fire at her home. Naturally, the family thought that Joe was responsible, despite Cat Donato’s testimony that she was with him and saw exactly what he had done. This was an interesting plot twist, insofar that the man who Sharon thinks killed her daughter

Is now a potential ally. This was always on the cards, especially now it looks increasingly likely that Joe did not kill Ela. We’ve seen this before, but it’s still an interesting counterpoint and an emotional table-turner for Sharon. It’s been handled well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these two become closer before the series is out (as long as Joe didn’t kill Ela, that is).

So we’re approaching whodunit territory here, especially by the end of the episode, where a number of suspects had been set-up.

But before that, we saw Shelley on the scene for the first time since Ela disappeared. Her little gatecrash at her father Wyn’s retirement party was already doing the rounds on local social media, but her focus was on Joe – brother and sister had some catching up to do. And certainly, her presence and re-emergence triggered some memories from Joe. Namely that Ela was still alive when he was approaching the caravan.

As for Wyn, he found himself in a world of deep do-do. Now revealed to be a historic abuser of his daughter, the question – from everyone, but certainly from Cat – was whether he had been responsible for more cases of abuse… namely Ela. The episode ended with a touching scene when he said goodbye to his dogs for the last time, gave Cat a ring (intimating that this object held the truth to the whole tale) and then shot himself in Nina Vaughan’s office.

With the final shot of the episode showing Vaughan’s daughter Izzy standing in the mirror looking at a scar on her body (after talking to her mother about the Joe Pritchard case), there’s something definitely going on there. And what about Caryn, revealed to be the phantom graffiti person in Cat’s apartment.

It’s set up perfectly for the finale.

Paul Hirons

Rating: 4 out of 5.




Y Golau is shown on S4C and S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer


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