BBC renews Sherwood for season 2

One of the crime highlights of the year, James Graham’s Sherwood is getting a second series.

after tonight’s series one finale (Tuesday 28th June), Graham released a statement saying he was keen to explore more ‘red wall’ towns in native East Midlands.

“I’ve been so deeply moved by the response to Sherwood. These stories come from my home, and I want to specifically express gratitude to my community for whom I know these subjects can be difficult, but – I hope – important ones to explore.

“The East Midlands and former Red Wall areas like it are never just one thing, politically or culturally, and it’s been the honour of my life to give voice and character to a place I love. It’s a county of great stories and legends, past and present, and I can’t wait to show audiences more.

“It’s also a joy to see our incredible cast be so celebrated, along with lead director Lewis Arnold, who I owe a great debt, and Ben Williams. None of this would have been possible without House Productions championing and supporting me every step of the way, and without the public service remit of the BBC.”

The BBC said: “We are thrilled that James Graham and the team at House have agreed to return to the world of Sherwood a second time. This series has been met with an incredible reaction from audiences on the BBC thanks to the amazing work of all involved.”

It’s not clear at this stage whether series two will be a continuing story or a brand-new tale. More news as we get it.



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  1. Patty says:

    I’ve become a little jaded over the past year or so with mystery dramas that don’t quite deliver, but not with this series. It was excellent, the writing, the character driven plot, the brilliant acting. I felt a bit let down by the revelation of Scott’s motives, but then it occurred to me that he is a different generation, his world has moved on while feeling a stranger in the world he lives in, perhaps because of the past. So, I wouldn’t even knock off a star for the randomness of it all, maybe it’s a more modern touch not having a neatly tied solution. And softy that I am, there were several moments of reconciliation that left me a bit teary-eyed. I cared about these characters, applause for James Graham and the acting ensemble for bringing them fully to life.

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    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Thanks Patty, glad you enjoyed it!

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