The Madame Blanc Mysteries renewed by Channel 5

The Madame Blanc Mysteries is getting a second series on Channel 5, as well as a festive special.

The series sees renowned and respected antiques dealer, Jean White (played by Sally Lindsay), return fresh from surviving an attempt on her life by the duplicitous Barbara. Across the series, Jean’s expertise in the world of antiquities proves once again the key to solving a series of murders and mysteries against the backdrop of the beautiful French village of Sainte Victoire.

The second series will kick off with a Christmas Special later this year.

In the festive special we see Jean coming to the aid of Chief of Police Caron, played by Alex Gaumond, who finds himself on the other side of the interview table accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

Across the rest of the series, we’ll also find Jean and Dom; played by Steve Edge, growing ever closer. But will friendship finally grow into something more?

Love rolls into town for Gloria in the form of a new local cabbie and Barbara, still at large, has deadly plans to finally finish what she began in the first series.

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