The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 1st February – Sunday 7th February)

Dark_RoadThis week in crime drama land it’s very much as you were, with plenty of brand new episodes from the host of continuing series that are doing the rounds at the moment. One thing worth mentioning – it’s the final episode of The Young Montalbano this coming week, which means that prestige 9pm slot will be filled with something new on the 13th February. Could it be Hinterland? Or could it be Trapped? In fact, next week is a biggie (Happy Valley, anyone?).

    The detective investigates the discovery of a young man’s body in an area notorious for illicit teenage gatherings, the corpse wrapped in plastic sheeting and having received a blow to the head. Vera follows the trail to a funfair where the victim used to work and a church where he sought refuge, having recently been made homeless. She delves into his family history to discover why he was on the streets when his parents lived nearby, while forensic evidence implicates the son of the vicar, who has a criminal past.
    Sunday 7th February, 8pm, ITV

The Lyell team investigates the murder of a family shot while picnicking by a river, and discover the female victim was in the middle of a bitter divorce. Local detective Malcolm Guillam is brought in to help and when the present-day murder reminds him of an unsolved case that haunts him, he sees an opportunity to redeem himself. However, DCI Sally Butcher is convinced that the woman’s estranged husband is responsible for the murder and has no time for Guillam’s trip down memory lane.
Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd February, 9pm, BBC1

Matters take an unexpected turn when prime suspect Michael Maguire is found dead in what appears to be a professional hit. Perez and Tosh head to Glasgow, trying to break a wall of silence regarding the details behind Maguire’s demise and its connection with Robbie Morton. Perez is shaken after receiving a veiled threat from gangster Arthur McCall, but evidence gleaned from Michael Thompson’s apartment in Shetland gives a new trail to follow. Meanwhile, Sandy makes an important breakthrough.
Friday 5th February, 9pm, BBC1

As Conley and Eklund continue their investigation into the `Temptations’ chat room, LH attempts to recruit Andrej.
Wednesday 3rd February, 10pm, Sky Atlantic

5. Stan Lee’s Lucky Man *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
As Suri struggles to deal with recent tragic events, Harry is reprimanded for his reckless behaviour and forced to answer to professional rival DI Steve Orwell on the case of a bungled robbery that left a man dead in Hatton Garden. Their investigation leads them into the dark world of rare diamond dealing and they soon find themselves at the mercy of those responsible for the smash and grab, but nothing prepares Harry for the shock he gets when one member of the gang reveals their true identity.
Friday 5th February, 9pm, Sky1

6. The Young Montalbano *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
All preparations for Salvo’s move to Genoa have been made, but the inspector himself does not yet seem ready to leave his beloved Sicily. When a young woman is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, having apparently been involved in a tragic car accident, Montelbano is drawn into one last investigation. Augello, Salvo’s eager replacement, is quick to accept an easy solution, but his boss remains convinced the inconsistencies need to be examined. Crime drama, starring Michele Riondino.
Saturday 6th February, 9pm, BBC4

7. Murdoch Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A visit to Toronto by author Mark Twain for a speaking engagement leads to controversy, so Murdoch and the team are given the task of protecting him.
Monday 1st February, 9pm, Alibi

8. Midsomer Murders *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Art comes to the Midsomer village of Angel’s Rise with the opening of a new sculpture park, but when its launch is marred by murder, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson are called to investigate. However, they must deal with an apparently unexplainable broken locket found near the scene of the crime, a host of suspects, and a complex web of deception. As the crime solving duo inspect further, they find they have to get creative to solve a case where art imitates death and everything has a deeper meaning.
Wednesday 3rd February, 8pm, ITV

9. Death In Paradise *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Humphrey is delighted when his Aunt Mary, the woman who inspired his love of puzzle-solving, arrives for a visit. But when she becomes the only witness to a fellow tourist’s death – seemingly thrown from his hotel balcony in the middle of the night- she finds herself slap bang in the middle of a murder investigation. Meanwhile, JP takes relationship advice from Humphrey after confessing his feelings for Rosey – leaving him more confused than ever.
Thursday 4th February, 9pm, BBC1

Criminal mastermind Theo Galavan is riding a wave of public adulation following the bloody events of the charity gala, but Jerome’s actions have caused countless copycats to take inspiration from his brand of gleeful insanity. In response, Captain Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) is drafted in as the new leader of GCPD’s task force. As a man of action with high morals and a disdain for corruption, Gordon sees a kindred spirit in Barnes, and the pair hit it off. However, should Barnes decide to take down Cobblepot, Jim worries his newfound ally might discover he himself is guilty of colluding with Gotham’s criminals. Meanwhile, forensic scientist Edward Nygma works up the courage to ask his long-time crush Kristin Kringle out on a date, and things seem to be going well – until that strange voice in Nygma’s head begins to speak up.
Monday 1st February, 10pm, Channel 5

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