Trailer: Modus, BBC4


modus_1_While watching the pretty average Deep Water last night on BBC4, the channel, on between the double-billed episodes, played out a trailer for Modus, the highly-anticipated Swedish crime drama starting in a couple of weeks. I wanted to post that trailer here, but couldn’t find it. Instead, here’s a better one, from distributor Freemantle. Looks  good, no? Have a watch after the jump.

Modus: Saturday 26th November, 9pm, BBC4


7 thoughts on “Trailer: Modus, BBC4

  1. Just finished it this past week. Very slow moving and boring. Found myself often pressing the 10-second skip ahead remote button often during the last 2 episodes. Jokingly predictable.


    • That’s the problem with trailers. The girl in the stairwell, who it seems is a central character, actually isn’t. And that’s OK, because she can’t act. Don’t get your hopes up, then you won’t be disappointed… ;-)


      • P.S. — the ‘bad-guy’ is awful, needs a lot of work if he’s to master that Texan accent. The only acting skills are demonstrated by the mother, but, it becomes apparent how unfair it was to ask her to carry the show. A halfway decent soundtrack might have been nice, but, apparently wasn’t in the budget. You’re better off re-watching the original “The Killing” than enduring all episodes of this one ;-)


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