Stranger Things reveals series two trailer during Superbowl

gwacob6woislTo those not interested in the NFL or the Superbowl, the whole hoopla of the showpiece event of the sport might have passed them by. It often draws hundreds of millions of viewers from around the world, which often means that advertising on US television becomes one of the more prestigious slots of the advertising year. You could argue that a Superbowl without the special Superbowl adverts is not a Superbowl. This year, there were ‘controversial’ adverts from the likes of Budweiser and Audi that took shots against the growing isolationism of the country’s new government, but for TV fans, it was the full trailer for Stranger Things that piqued interest. Have a look after the jump.


Just how excited were people? Variety reported that “on Facebook, the Stranger Things season 2 teaser has garnered 21 million views since it was posted Sunday night, while it has scored more than over 3.6 million on YouTube.” I think that qualifies as quite excited.

And while the trailer didn’t reveal too much (although we now know that the second series will debut at Halloween), the sight of those kids in Ghostbusters outfits just about made my day. It’s safe to say that I’m quite excited, too.


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  1. One of the best last year. Cant wait…


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