The 10 Best Crime Drama This Week (Monday 27th June – Sunday 3rd July)


It is really slim pickings this week in the world of crime drama, and even the enjoyable Dicte is coming to an end this week. The sport is, as ever, playing havoc with the schedules, so there’s no New Blood this week (UPDATE: although it is on iPlayer) and there are a few bits and pieces of repeats that might be worth a watch.

An explosion kills a woman, though Dicte believes the target was a politician. As the victim’s ex-boyfriend, the finger of suspicion points to Peter.
Friday 1st July, 9pm, More4

Agatha springs into action when James’s girlfriend Mary is found dead shortly before the village gardening competition.
Tuesday 28th June, 9pm, Sky1

A member of the team is taken hostage by a desperate father who demands they find his daughter, who he believes has been kidnapped.
Thursday 30th June, 9pm, 5USA

Liam and Miranda challenge the trainees to cross the border without passports, while Simon continues to help Alex try to find the terrorist at great risk to himself.
Thursday 30th June, 9pm, Alibi

5 Luther
Series three. A twisted fetishist is murdering women in a horrific echo of an unsolved case from the 1980s. Luther is keen that he and his team concentrate all their resources into catching the copycat before he or she strikes again, only for his focus to be divided by a second case involving a malicious internet tormentor found dead in his home. Pulled in every direction, the cop’s patience begins to wear thin, so the last thing he needs is to deal with a road accident – until he sets eyes on one of the women involved. Is he finally on the verge of finding love?
Monday 27th June, 10.20pm, Alibi

6 New Tricks
A repeat episode from series nine. In a special edition of the detective drama that features only two members of the team, Gerry Standing and Steve McAndrew travel to Glasgow, where a new Ucos section is being set up. While there, they agree to assist the investigation into the 1993 unsolved murder of James Soutar, the wealthy owner of a string of betting shops.
Monday 27th June, 9pm, BBC1

7 Inspector George Gently
Bacchus and Gently hunt for the murderer of a woman whose body is discovered in a local church. As the investigation progresses, it turns out the victim was a waitress working at the first hostess club in Newcastle – an establishment that has greatly upset the local religious community.
Friday 1st July, 9pm, Alibi

8 Lewis
An American female bishop visiting St Gerard’s College is found dead after drinking poisoned wine, and when another two killings occur, both mirroring macabre murders from Jacobean revenge tragedy, it appears the culprit is targeting candidates in the election to become vice-regent. However, when Innocent learns one of the suspects is hiding a dark secret, Lewis and Hathaway realise the motive is much more twisted.
Saturday 2nd July, 8pm, ITV3

9 The Murder Room
Conclusion of the two-part drama. The brutal murder of Neville Dupayne is followed by a series of copycat killings, but as Dalgliesh pursues the culprit, he finds his feelings for Emma clouding his judgement.
Tuesday 28th June, 9pm, Drama

10 Collision
Episode two. In the chaotic aftermath of the collision, Tolin and Senior Investigating Officer Ann Stallwood interview PCs Gopal and Clacy, and a disoriented Karen Donnelly obsesses about recovering the documents she had in her car. A statement reveals that Sidney was gesticulating angrily moments before the accident, and suspicions are aroused when it becomes apparent that he changed his surname.
Tuesday 28th June, 10pm, ITV3


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  1. Dave Beattie says:

    Actually – according to my Sky+ (& the BBC programme page) there is a new episode of New Blood on this Thursday. Episode 4 is the first in a new two-part story. Both episodes are already available on BBC iplayer.

    Also possibly worth noting on the streaming front – Spotless – Canal+’s London set dark comedy about a couple of brothers working as crime scene cleaners – lands on Netflix on Friday. As well as Marc-André Grondin & Denis Menochet as the brothers the series also stars Miranda Raison (Spooks) & Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey).


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Thanks David. Was going to do something separate about the Netflix show, but it’s football on Thursday night.


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