Kim Bodnia reveals real reasons for leaving The Bridge – and they’re not what you think

landscape_tv-kim-bodniaEver since Kim Bodnia announced that he was to leave The Bridge, and thus break up one of crime dramas most beloved police partnerships, speculation has been rife as to why he did what he did. Heck, we’ve even had a go ourselves (see that post here). He’s remained very quiet for the last few years, but now he’s spoken, and he’s given a pretty shocking reason for his departure from the hit show.

For a long time, the Scandinavian model for society – from education to their relationships with sex and the environment – left us Brits looking like cavepeople in comparison. The region’s progressive socio-political initiatives were the envy of the world, and has produced such concepts as hygge, but when series like The Killing started to detail trouble in paradise we soon realised the likes of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark were suffering from the same problems we were – unemployment and, most noteably, difficulties in handling rising immigration and the culture clashes this brings about.

It’s this context that gives many Scandinavian dramas its depth.

It’s also this context that, according to English-language Swedish online news site, The Local, compelled Kim Bodnia to leave The Bridge. Talking to Israeli television, the beloved actor (who Jewish) said that as well as creative differences, he left the show due to rising anti-semetism in Malmö.

He was quoted as saying: “It’s growing, especially in Malmö where we shot The Bridge in Sweden. It’s not very comfortable to be there as a Jewish person. So of course this has something to do with why it’s easy for me to say no to working in Sweden.”

“It’s very easy, when they didn’t have the script right, I can say: Well, I don’t feel so safe there. It’s not funny, it’s growing and we have to deal with it every day and we have to fight against it,”

He also said that Denmark also faced similar challenges.

If this is the case, then we’re shocked and very sorry to hear that Bodnia felt compelled to leave a show we were all invested in because of something so heinous. Trouble in paradise, indeed.

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  1. I knew it was getting bad – didn’t realise it was reaching such a parlous state.


  2. Sarah says:

    That is so depressing. The rise of racist and anti-Semitic incidents across Europe just doesn’t bear thinking about. Do people have such short memories? Very sad to hear this.


  3. matthew says:

    That’s awful. How can something like that happen in such a modern age?

    I love your blog btw as i am a big fan of crime drama. I have just started my own blog called it’s a Miggins thing ( my nickname is Miggins) and i have put you on my highly recommended list of blogs to read. Please can you check out my first review and give some tips? I would really appreciate it.


  4. screeneyedmonster says:

    That’s horrible! Really sad.


  5. Martin says:

    Are we supose to believe this? If he didn’t feel safe he could have gotten a bodyguard or a handful of them. It was about money, it always is.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Martin fun!!! says:

    Martin, please come back we miss your talent… you are fantastic and your laughter is contagious!!!!


  7. Kim Bodnia says:

    A random blog posts a suggestion from me as to why I left The Bridge; presumably just to get more clickbait website hits.

    I left for personal reasons, due to major family illness. I’m glad to see that your blog has dived in popularity since the time you posted this rubbish.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Is this you Kim, really?


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